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On Bukra Eid Qasai Online comes to fulfill your needs with best and market competitive butchers, So don't wait just make your order.
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Welcome you all on number one best qasai online portal, we provide the best of the best services from our side. We started out qasai online since from 2018. It was best experience. We started this business from a very small area, but laterally it grows into a big business and now we serve all over the Karachi. We are dedicated to giving you a best service and uniqueness. The customers response give us great courage to continue this and we paid for our hard work. We hope that you will enjoy our service as much as more we offering you.

Qasai online when this phrase comes across you people will think like typical online shopping where things and quality are not sure that either it will be of the same quality as shown in the picture and what written in the description. Because most of the people face fraud in the name of online shopping. But in this scenario, there are some people in the online world who care about the quality and their reputation. We are also very anxious about our service because we do not want to go on numbers but we believe that you will be satisfied with our service.

Nowadays there are a number of online qasai who are serving their services but most of them are not professional qasai or they do not have much experience in this qasai field. When we talk about online qsai the first this which comes in our mind is about the qasai because he is the person who performs. We have professional qasais teams. We are serving this online qasai service for the last two years. Alhumdullilah our valuable customers are very satisfied with our online qasai services. We startted this online qasai service two years ago and we run this qasai online service very successfully. Our online qasai service is growing year by year. We are very pleased to those who use our qasai online service.

We are delivering our online qasai service in Karachi and we are hoping in the future we will increase our online qasai to other cities of Pakistan. Because our valuable customers are very happy from our online qasai service. We are providing our online qasai service to all over Karachi. We have a professional team of our online qasai. They work in teams in different areas for our online qasai service in Karachi. Qasai online teams are distributed according to the orders of that area. We enforce our teams to do their best to make it valuable for our online qasai service. Because we want to make this as a brand in the market. Qasai online is our core product and it is growing year by year because of the cooperation of the people.

Most of our customers are very satisfied with our online qasai service. Because our online qasai teams work according to the customers’ needs. They cut the meat according to the customer’s needs. Even our online qasai did not refuse a single wish of the customers. Because we want to make the customers happy. It’s more valuable than any other thing according to us. So hurry up and book your online qasai now. Our online qasai will be at your doorstep. Our online qasai is just one call away from you. We have special deals for bulk qurbanis. Our online qasai team gives special discounts on bulk qurbani. If you have more than three qurbanis our online qasai team will give you a special discount because they care about our valuable customers. So do not go here and there booked your professional online qasai now and relax at your home. Our online qasai will be at your doorstep as per your booking date and time.

We are taking the timing very consciously. Because we believe that if we provide the qasai online service at a particular time it has more impact. We do not wait for the customers and we do not make fake promises. Our online qasai team will give you the exact time after your booking and online qasai team will reach on the spot at sharp timing. So let’s try us and make your qurbani more valuable and without hurries. Because all the hurries will be managed by our online qasai team.

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Feedback from our real clients

Qurbani Online - Anas Shakeel

Anas Shakeel

Bohat ala! it's make our life easy, phaly tou qasai k liay sab ristadaor, dosto,parasoio ab bus fingers tips par zabardast qasi mil jatay hain.

Qasai Online - Bilal Khan

Muhammad Bilal Khan

I was just looking for a kind of service which do qurbani according to shria, also team did care and save animal from hurts.

Qasai Online - Danish Khan

Danish Khan

very good response time, with expert qasai they just finish a healthy cow in 35 minutes. Make meet as per our wish.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they will make a single piece of meet as per customer wish.

it’s up to the size of animal on cow approximately 35 to 40 minutes and goat 20 minutes.

We really care of customer and provide theme a professional qasai, who have their own meet shop. They sacrifice animals everyday.

Cow – Rs. 15,000

Sheeps – Rs. 5,000

Goats – Rs. 4,000

It’s very simple you need to click on Place Order button. it’ll land you to the form. fill the required information as the order place our support team will contact you soon.

Yes, we charge 50% of advance payment and the reset will take on complication. 

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